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How often do sessions occur?

Our weekly classes run in term time, coinciding with school term dates. We also run one-off workshops in the school holidays. Our Term Dates are available on our website.

From what age do you take students?

Our regular classes are as follows:

  • Little Rascals - Reception to Year 2

  • Bandits - Year 3 to Year 6

  • Scoundrels - Year 6 to Year 8

  • Rebels - Year 7 to Year 11

  • Miscreants - Year 9 to Year 13

  • Adults - 18 plus

Re Children:  our classes are only suitable for children who already attend school. Experience tells us that any child, no matter how confident, who has not experienced the more formal atmosphere of the school setting, does struggle in our classes. 

Will the students perform in a show?

Bandits/Scoundrels/Rebels/Miscreants - these classes perform one production a year in a professional theatre space.

Little Rascals - these classes perform a showcase twice a year for parents and families to enjoy and for children to show what they have learnt.  

Adults - they do either a performance or showcase once a year depending on the plans for the year.

How much do classes cost?

This depends on the age group, length of the class, length of the class term, location etc so please get in touch for full details.

Are there any additional costs?

Performance charge - For our Bandits, Scoundrels, Rebels, Miscreants and Vagabond classes there is a one-off performance charge which covers the additional venue hire/hours, costumes, props, technicians, and extra staff. This will be requested in the lead up to the production as we begin to deal with outgoing costs. The price per student will be kept to a minimum and will simply be to cover costs. No profit is made from our productions.

Showcase charge - For our Little Rascals, who perform two showcases a year, there is a fee to cover additional costs such as costumes and extra staff and should we perform in a theatre space then the venue hire.

How do I join?

Please have a look at our Class Timetable or classes pages and get in touch using the form below letting us know which session(s) you are interested in. We will provide you with full details and ask you to complete a quick registration form. Before your first session, you will also receive an email with full joining instructions including FAQs and venue information.

Do you offer tasters?

If we have space available, we are happy to offer a 2-week paid trial to any of our prospective students. This means you can attend 2 sessions before committing. Experience tells us that, especially for children, it is helpful to have the first week to take everything in and then the second to really start to feel at home and thus be able to properly engage. If you are interested in booking a trial or one-off paid taster session, just get in touch via the form below.

Please note, due to the administration time taken to sign up a student to our classes, we are unable to offer refunds for trials.  In exceptional circumstances we may choose too provide a refund (minus administration fee) but this will always be at our discretion. 


What if I can't attend a Trial I have booked?

We do understand that things such an illness and unexpected events can get in the way and therefore, we will always do our best to move a trial if we can.   For various reasons this is not always possible, for example, the class is full running a waiting list or we are too close to a performance.  If we are able to move the date we are only able to hold the spot for 1 week.  Requests for a longer time span than 1 week will be taken on a case by case basis and as we are unable to hold a space for longer than 1 week, there would be the risk that the class would fill in the meantime.

Can students join drama classes mid term?

As long as we have spaces and we are not imminently about to perform a show, we are happy to welcome new students at any time. We will be happy to arrange a pro rata payment for the rest of the term. If we are rehearsing for a show at the time, we will always ensure your son/daughter has a speaking part.

Do you take childcare vouchers?

Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer childcare vouchers. The scheme is a costly and time consuming process which, to a small organisation such as ours, presents a significant amount of administration costs which would need to be reflected in our pricing structure. 

We do believe that there are benefits to a small, local organisation because we offer a very personal service for a reasonable price as opposed to the larger, more expensive national organisations out there.

Who runs your classes?

We have a team of experienced facilitators who are fully DBS checked and First Aid trained. We also run Safeguarding training annually with all our staff. Each class also has an assistant facilitator to ensure good staff/pupil ratios. Do check out our Team page.

We are affiliated with the Children's Activity Association and the Institute of Children's Activity providers which ensures that we are fully compliant in terms of the policies and processes that ensure a safe environment for all our children. All our Policies are available on our website.

Can parents/guardians watch classes?

As a general rule we would encourage parents to leave the children with us so that they can fully focus throughout the class and we would encourage children to be prepared to come in through the door on their own. However, we do understand that some children, especially little ones, may settle more easily coming in with you but would need you to leave as soon as they are settled. If so, please let us know in advance and we can talk it through. We usually find that, once they are in the space, children get fully engaged quickly.

If you are joining us in September, we can find that pupils who are just starting school (Reception) and also just starting our classes can find the whole experience a little too much so early on in the school year, especially in our after-school classes. The change is significant for children and so additional classes can become a little overwhelming. So we do try to encourage a Saturday class for new/younger pupils as this means they do not have to add a further hour onto their day.

How do I pay?

Session costs are charged termly and we usually bill in the half term prior to the start of next term. Our joining instructions will include a billing schedule so you are aware when billing will take place. 

Our invoices are payable via a system called Go Cardless and we will provide full details in the form of FAQs when you join.

Our Terms and Conditions are available on our website.

How much notice do I have to give should we decide not to continue

We know that circumstances change and on the odd occasion, there are one or two students who are unable to return the following term. If this should happen then we require 6 weeks notice whenever that is. Notice should be provided in writing via email and not verbally during class.  Please note, if have already paid for the term and there is more than 6 weeks remaining we will only be able to refund you the weeks remaining after the 6 week notice period.

FA Q's


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