Do you offer tasters?

We are happy to offer a free taster session to any of our prospective students in classes where space is available.  

If you are interested in booking one of these sessions, just get in touch and we can let you know when they are available. 

What do I need to wear/bring to class?

Students need to come dressed for the class wearing something comfy & practical that they can move in. It is advised that they bring plenty of water and snacks to keep their energy up.

How do I join?

Please get in touch using the form below, we would love to hear from you!

What time shall I arrive?

We like to start on time, so there is always a facilitator on hand at least 10 minutes before the start of the class, so please do arrive in good time.

Can students join drama classes mid term?

Of course, we are happy to welcome new students at any time. We will be happy to arrange a pro rata payment for the rest of the term. Please note that if you join close to one of our performance dates then we will be happy to include you but it is likely to mean a chorus role.

Will you be holding auditions for performances?

Not as a general rule.


How do you decide the parts?

We spend time working on chorus pieces or devising scenes in the lead up to the beginning of rehearsals and it is through this process that a decision is made as to who is best to take on which role. We would stress that we like to cast regardless of gender, and so if we are using a script, our plays are written so that wherever possible parts can be cast as either male or female.

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