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Inset Days

Inset days are great for schools… but often difficult for parents to arrange childcare for.

So why not book B.A.D. for the day?

We will come to your school for a one-day workshop on your inset days, with families picking up and dropping off their children as usual, as they look forward to a day of drama fun!


We will:

Help families with childcare        ✔

Bring students together        ✔ 

Develop students' confidence and creativity    ✔

Raise money for your school    ✔

Provide extra opportunities for students        ✔

How does it work?

  1. Send us an email to notify us of your inset days.

  2. Identify a suitable room e.g. Hall or gym.

  3. We'll send you a letter - to distribute to parents.

  4. Parents book a place through our booking system.

  5. We confirm who is running the workshop and send the teacher's DBS details.

  6. We will confirm the numbers with you a few days before the workshop.

  7. We come in and run the workshop from start to finish.

  8. We give your school or PTA 15% of the funds to help the school.


How much does it cost?

Each place is £30 for the day, with a 10% discount for any siblings and current B.A.D. students. We then give the school or PTA 15% of the total fees collected. We need 12 children to run a session. Families can pay through our booking system. There is no charge to the school.

What do we need to do?

All we need from you is an email to to confirm your inset days and what space you have available - and we'll do the rest.

What do you do in the workshops?



We choose a theme or play... Based on stories by Roald Dahl, Julia Donaldson, Edward Lear, fairy tales and more! Then we pack the day full with games and activities. We often get the groups working well together with some games, get creative with some improvisation, work on some scenes - and then perform to each other before home time.



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